Can Odoo address any industry ?

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Can Odoo address any industry?

This question comes up during our prospecting calls, events or even in a general networking meeting.

We've had requests from Casinos, Sport bars, Betting Portals, Slaughter houses, Wine dealers, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Professional associations, Medical governing bodies, SACCOs, Microfinance institutions, County Departments etc.

We're tempted to say Yes to all but we can't do it.  Many times we have to say:

"Thanks but No Thanks".

We take this approach for the below 5 reasons:

1) We leverage our strengths & expertise in areas where we can contribute maximum value.

2) We look at the sustainability of building a solution around a niche area.

Every business has its own complexities and if we decide to commit our time and resources to build a solution, we have to be assured of a sustainable growth in that niche. We do not want to build a niche business vertical that doesn't have a pipeline of prospective early and late adopters since it involves maintaining people who  are specialised in that niche area.

3) If there are other solutions providers in the market who can do it better, faster and cheaper, we would rather let it to them and not be a late entrant fighting for a small share.

4) We qualify our clients diligently: As much as our clients evaluate us, we're equally steadfast in qualifying our clients. We look at their industry position, their innovative mindset, their growth plans, their cash situation, their unique value proposition and how we can be a good match to their team. We would like to play a crucial role in their growth path and if the client's business model doesn't excite us, we mostly don't try really hard.

5) We don't believe in a zero sum  game. If the client holds us against other vendors and starts doing an apple to apple comparison, we mostly step out of the bidding. We give our best and pushing us on the cost or feature comparison path seldom excites us. We're people and would like to be treated with respect and dignity. We're hungry for business & growth but not desperate.