Our Business is Complex, Can you deliver?

Addressing business complexities

Our Industry is unique and has many complexities and process flows?

Share us your customer list and we will be able to judge if you can deliver.

Most of the times, the above approach fails..


No two businesses are same even if they both are within the same industry.

Lets take an example of two coffee roasters doing the same process of roasting, blending, packing and shipping. However there is so much difference in their business model:

One sells 100% to export market.

Other sells 80% locally and 20 exports.

One has the most sophisticated plant and machinery while the other has machines which are many decades old.

One has a huge network of distributors &  retailers through whom the product reaches the end consumers.

The other sell directly to restaurants and hotels.

Even If we claim expertise in mapping core processes, that doesn't mean that we can take similar approach to implement the solution (Copy & Paste approach). This Ctrl-V approach will lead to disaster.

How do we address this challenge:

One of the method that has yielded us success is the rapid prototyping approach. We spend a few hours with the client in their premises gathering as much detail about their business model & processes. We come back to the drawing board and start building rapid prototype. With odoo.sh this has become lot easier. We can collaborate internally within our team and with the clients for faster configuration, code changes and immediate feedback. It becomes easier now for the client to make a decision since they're able to visualise what they need and how the proposed model would work for them. Decision making becomes easier and faster.

I would invite comments from blog readers if they have other methods to handle such a situation.