Automated  Delivery & Invoicing

Automated Delivery & Invoicing

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Normally, a sales order in odoo goes through several steps: creating a quotation, confirming it, validating delivery creating and posting invoice, registering payment etc... With this app, you will be able to automate some steps thus saving you some time which you can use to process more orders. The moment you confirm the sales order, this app will:

  • Validate the delivery pickings associated with the sales order (if enough products are available in the source location)
  • Create invoice and post it.

How it works

Once installed, follow the normal sale order flow. Once the sale order is confirmed the delivery will be automatically validated then an invoice will be created and posted. Please note:

  • The delivery pickings will be validated only and only if there are enough products in the source location
  • The invoice is created based on the set invoicing policy. If the policy is set to 'invoice what is delivered' and the picking(s) were not validated due to insufficient products quantities in the source location, then the invoice will not be created

Confirmed Sales order

Auto Processed Invoice

Auto Processed Picking


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