Migrate Sales Backlog

Migrate Sales Backlog

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Version: 13


This module can be used in the case where you just upgraded to a newer version of odoo and want to migrate your sales backlog from the old instance to your new instance. Currently, the module supports migration from odoo 10 to odoo 13, but we can customize it to support other odoo versions upon request


  • Once installed, a new menu (Backlog Migrations) will appear under Sales>Configuration. Click on this menu to open the configuration view

  • Create a new configuration and fill out all the fields. Here is a description of the fields:
    Odoo Version - the version of the source instance (the odoo instance you want to fetch sales backlog from)
    Url - the base url on which the source instance is running
    Username & Password - a set of credentials for a user in the source instance who has sales administration rights
    Database - the name of the database in the source instance that you want to fetch data from

  • Save the record and then click on Action > Execute to fetch the sales data